Watch The Yard surprise Hampton University aviation students with pilot flight simulation training

Following an exclusive interview with Top Gun: Maverick Cast members Jay Ellis and Tarzan Davis, Watch The Yard (WTY), Black Greekdom’s digital Yardshow, announced that it will cover “pilot flight simulation training” for aviation students at the University of Hampton (HU) through the Class of 2026.

Watch The Yard founder Jonathan Rabb announced on his Instagram account on Thursday that his company has covered fees for all HU aviation students.

“So proud of this one,” Rabb said. “Watch The Yard just covered the cost for all Hampton University aviation students to complete their required pilot flight simulation training! (It’s very expensive and they have to do it to graduate.).”

In a post from Watch The Yard’s official Instagram account, they revealed that the giveaway came from a partnership with Paramount Pictures. WTY notes that the training is necessary for students to graduate, and it would make their lives much more manageable.

“Did you know that Hampton University has a highly regarded aviation program? Paramount Pictures, in partnership with Watch The Yard, just covered the cost for all Hampton University aviation students to complete their training required pilot flight simulation,” said Ciara White-Sparks, a HU Broadcasting student. “This training is necessary for students to graduate, so we thought we’d make life easier for future Hampton pilots. covering the cost with vouchers for Prevailance Aerospace and Rick’s Aviation.

“And it’s not just for this year‘s students; we cover all HU aviation students through the class of 2026,” she added.

Hampton University became Delta Air Lines‘ first HBCU Propel College earlier this year. First Officer Monique Grayson expressed her emotions about the addition of Hampton University as a Propel partner of Delta Air Lines.

“The addition of Hampton University as a Delta Air Lines Propel partner evokes myriad thoughts and emotions,” said First Officer Grayson. “Delta says Connecting the World requires that we respect the world first by striving for diversity, promoting inclusion, creating equity and driving accountability toward these goals. Given HBCU’s history and like Delta, I’m proud to see the company do just that, and I’m grateful to the people who have worked behind the scenes to provide opportunities for a group that has been underrepresented in this field for far too long.

Hampton University’s alliance with Delta aligns with Delta’s broader goal of rethinking its recruiting strategy, including strengthening relationships with historically black colleges and universities.

Congratulations Hampton University Aviation Students!

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