WAI and Lockheed Martin India celebrate Girls in Aviation Day


The initiative aims to introduce girls to the possibilities available for a career in the aerospace, tourism and hospitality industry.

Girls in Aviation Day was celebrated at Vidya School in Gurugram by Women in Aviation International (WAI), the Indian Section and Lockheed Martin India. The initiative aims to highlight opportunities in the aviation and aerospace sectors to encourage young girls to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and pursue a career in related industries. The initiative is part of Lockheed Martin’s commitment to developing the talent of tomorrow, and it also aligns with the Indian government’s “Skill India” initiative.

As part of the program, the Indian chapter of WAI celebrated the event to reaffirm its slogan – “Beti ki Udaan, Desh ka Swabhimaan”. and develop the skills of young people in these growing sectors in order to promote the vision of the Ministry of Civil Aviation of “Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik” (UDAN). This year‘s event took place at Vidya School – Empowering and Transforming Lives Through Education, a program sponsored by the company. More than 250 students and alumni of the program will be able to choose the career for which they will be trained. The Bird Group also suggests that the Vidya School implement a bi-monthly aviation program.

Aerospace, hospitality and tourism will be important industries for the Indian economy, as they are the largest sources of foreign exchange and the most creating jobs. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Roseate Hotels & Resorts partners with students to mentor them for various jobs in the hospitality industry.

Amber Dubey, the main guest of the event, is the co-secretary of the Department of Civil Aviation, and he spoke about the many career opportunities available in aviation for young girls. It is the driving force behind the promotion of drones and associated government regulations.

Models and professionals from the aerospace, hospitality and tourism industries addressed the girls at the event, including Radha Bhatia, President, WAI, William L. Blair, Vice President and Head of management, Lockheed Martin India; and Michael Fernandez, Director, Aerospace, Lockheed Martin India. Students who attended had the opportunity to interact with industry leaders, explore, learn and participate in a fun and interactive quiz contest. The event ended with an exciting demonstration of drone flight.

“This is the sixth year that the WAI Indian Section is celebrating ‘Girls in Aviation Day’ and we are delighted to host the same at Vidya School, Gurugram. The day is celebrated in 81 places around the world to encourage young girls to choose aviation as a viable career opportunity. Worldwide India has the maximum number of female pilots, but there are many other routes that are still unknown. With this celebration, our goal is to see girls from Haryana State explore the exciting careers available to them as engineers, air traffic controllers, and dozens of other aviation jobs. said Radha Bhatia, President of the Indian Section of WAI.

She added, “We will continue our efforts to introduce young girls to role models and educate them in a fun and supportive atmosphere. We are very fortunate to be able to partner with Lockheed Martin India for this event. Their efforts to lead young people into STEM careers are truly commendable. “

Speaking of Lockheed Martin’s commitment to this initiative, William L. Blair, Vice President and CEO, Lockheed Martin India said, “As a global leader in aerospace and defense, Lockheed Martin believes firmly that STEM education is crucial to fostering the next generation of engineers, explorers and scientists in India. We are proud to play our part in enabling the same through our association with organizations like Women in Aviation International (India Chapter). We are mindful of encouraging young women to broaden their horizons and pursue studies in STEM. In line with government initiatives such as ‘Skill India’, ‘Girls in Aviation Day’ aims to close the skills gap, foster a learning environment and inspire young women to embark on a career in aviation. aerospace and aviation. “

Since 2016, Lockheed Martin has worked with the WAI India Chapter to raise awareness and build confidence among young students, enabling them to broaden their horizons and inspire future generations. Lockheed Martin and WAI will host a virtual event in June 2020 to provide ongoing mentorship and remote engagement for middle school and high school students to advance STEM education.

“This partnership is a dream come true. Sixty percent of our underserved students across Vidya are girls, and they are first generation learners who speak excellent English, and computer techs are confident and have big dreams. We hold the hand of every Vidya student until they are employed. A career in aviation, tourism and hospitality will make them role models for their community and family. We envision a long and inspiring partnership with WAI. said Rashmi Misra, founding president of Vidya.

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