UW will require masks for fall 2021


The University of Wyoming plans to conduct a traditional fall 2021 semester while taking additional steps to manage COVID-19 amid an increase in cases locally and nationally.

The UW Board of Directors today (Wednesday) approved a plan for the fall semester that encourages and strongly encourages COVID vaccinations, and requires masks indoors until Sept. 20 in the less. They will also require students and employees to be tested upon entering college, a mandatory training seminar on the virus, and expand the current weekly sample testing program to both vaccinated and unvaccinated employees and students.

Details on the educational seminar and spot testing requirements of all students at the start of the semester will be shared in the coming days.

The fall semester plan is in line with the March 26 board vote to “fully reopen” the university, which is “consistent with state and federal governments regarding COVID-19.”

Eight active cases of the virus were reported by UW’s COVID-19 hub on Monday, including five students living off campus and three employees. The total number of confirmed cases of COVID among students and employees at UW since the start of the pandemic is 2,276.

the Wyoming Department of Health places Albany County in the “moderate to high levels of transmission” category, which the public health official recommends masking for everyone inside.

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