UK imposes sectoral sanctions on regime


On August 9, one year after the rigged elections in Belarus, the UK announced the imposition of a package of trade, financial and aviation sanctions on Belarus, in response to the continued undermining of democracy and human rights violations by the Belarusian authorities.

Point of no return: a year has passed since the start of the biggest protests ever in Belarus

The package includes:

  • Aviation measures to prevent Belarusian air carriers from overflying or landing in the UK and a ban on providing technical assistance to the Lukashenka luxury aircraft fleet.

  • Trade measures on potash, petroleum products, interception and surveillance goods and technologies, goods used in the manufacture of cigarettes and dual-use goods and technologies aimed at reducing the amount of income paid to the Lukashenka regime and to limit its access to articles which could allow internal repression of the Belarusian population.

  • Financial measures prohibiting the purchase of securities and money market instruments issued by the Belarusian state, as well as those issued by state-owned banks, and the granting of loans.

According to, this comprehensive response will also include bans on the provision of insurance and reinsurance to Belarusian public bodies, and changes to UK government policy aimed at further strengthening the existing arms embargo.

“The Lukashenka regime continues to crush democracy and violate human rights in Belarus. These sanctions demonstrate that the UK will not accept Lukashenka’s actions since the fraudulent election. The products of the Lukashenka state industries will not be sold in the UK and our aerospace companies will not touch its fleet of luxury planes, ”said the British Foreign Secretary. Dominique raab noted.

UK also on sanctions list Mikhail Gutseriev, a Russian businessman who is one of the main private investors in Belarus and a long-time partner of Alyaksandr Loukachenka, because of its support for the Belarusian government.

EU High Representative: Cancellation of sanctions will only be possible when Belarusian authorities stop repression

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