UK airport adds hydrogen refueling station

A new hydrogen refueling station is now operational at UK Teesside Airport. Part of a pilot program to test the feasibility of environmentally friendly fuel, the station, installed and operated by venture capital-backed Element 2, will be used to refuel commercial and support vehicles with zero emissions from the international airport. Currently in service are a pair of Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell cars and a Kangaroo light truck. A hydrogen-powered aircraft tug is expected to arrive in the second quarter.

In September 2020, Tees Valley was announced as the home of the UK’s first hydrogen transport hub. In partnership with the local University of Teesside, it will form a campus focused on the research and development of clean energy, for land, sea and air applications.

“I want our airport to be the first hydrogen-ready airport in the UK, which will help to further strengthen our low-carbon credentials,” said Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen, adding that two local businesses are at the forefront of companies looking to apply. hydrogen for aviation. “By proving that these vehicles are efficient, easy to use and safe in a wide range of applications, we put our region at the forefront of the hydrogen revolution while showing that our airport is much more than flights to Alicante.”

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