TikTok Vandalism Challenge Addressed by Senator from Connecticut


It’s another one of those TikTok challenges, but this time around, it looks like people are going a little too far.

So what is the “Devious Licks” challenge?

The final TicTok challenge is to encourage students to create a short video in which they show themselves stealing and destroying objects in their school.

As with many of these TicTok challenges, students across the country are going to vandalize school properties, record their actions, and then post them on TicTok.

So far, the challenge is really escalating and school districts across Connecticut are seeing an increase in vandalism in schools, especially in school washrooms. The most common cases are at Fairfield Ludlowe High School in Fairfield and Weston High School where, according to nhregister.com, school officials are outraged at the recent spike in property damage caused primarily by this TicTok challenge.

Here’s a quick explanation of how this whole trend started.

It got so bad statewide that State Senator Richard Blumenthal held a press conference in Hartford on Monday, September 20 to address TikTok’s “sneaky lick” trend and call for a congressional hearing on that question.

In a press statement, Blumenthal also blamed the company that runs TicTok by saying “these are not innocent bystanders”, and according to connecticutnews12.com, he also added that he would ask for a congressional hearing to have users who post any of these videos banned from the social media site.

The congressional hearing is scheduled to take place in October.

Many school districts across the state are also reaching out to parents to speak with their children to alert them to the possible implications of this and other TicTok challenges.

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