Three familiar faces honored with the President’s Special Award

Dr Khorshid said the two former WADA Presidents and the outgoing Vice President had been outstanding leaders during their tenure.

“As President of the AMA, Professor Phelps played a leading role in addressing the emerging medical compensation crisis, established an Indigenous Health Advisory Committee and served as the first President of WADA to publicly declare the effects of climate change on public health.

“She also served as Deputy Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney and MP for Wentworth, taking the seat after the dismissal of former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

“Upon her arrival in Federal Parliament, she won the support of the opposition and all benches to change government legislation to give more power to doctors to allow the medical evacuation of asylum seekers to Australia. from Nauru and Manus Island.”

Dr Khorshid said Dr Chris Moy is often called ‘Australia’s hardest working GP’ for good reason.

“He is one of the rare doctors to carry out home visits for his elderly or disabled patients, as well as for patients in nursing homes, despite insufficient systemic remuneration.

“As Vice President, he has been a fearless and relentless advocate, pointing out the health risks to the community and calling on governments to task when needed throughout the pandemic in countless appearances in the media.

“He worked with the Commonwealth Department of Health to shape COVID vaccination policy and vaccine compensation agreements and effectively used his vice presidency to help secure nearly $1 billion for the increased funding for primary care from the new federal government.

“I want to personally thank Chris, whose humanity is on display every day in his work. The AMA will truly miss his energy, commitment and sunny personality.

Dr Khorshid said Associate Professor Capolingua, Chairman of the AMA Board of Trustees and President from 2007 to 2009, was one of the AMA’s unsung heroes and his contribution over the decades had been exceptional .

“In 2021, she accepted an application to become Chairman of AMA Ltd, the first former Chairman to do so. During this time, she oversaw an organizational restructuring at AMA and the adoption of a financial strategy that has stabilized the finances of AMA Ltd.

“She also oversaw the relocation of the WADA Federal Secretariat and the adoption of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles to ensure environmentally sustainable investments.

“All of this while continuing to practice as a GP in Western Australia and occasionally writing journal articles for western australia as well. I would like to thank Associate Professor Capolingua for his extraordinary service to WADA,” said Dr Khorshid.



Professor Phelps served as President of the AMA New South Wales Branch in 1999. The following year she was elected the AMA’s first female Federal President, serving a maximum term of three years.

Professor Phelps graduated from the University of Sydney in 1981 and completed postgraduate training at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

She was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia for her services to medicine, particularly through leadership roles in the AMA.


Dr Moy graduated from the University of Adelaide in 1991 and is a full-time general practitioner at Parkside in Adelaide. He is a Digital Patient Safety Advisor to the Australian Healthcare Safety and Quality Commission and a member of the Australian Digital Health Agency’s Privacy and Security Advisory Board.

He has served on the South Australia Falls Prevention Steering Committee, the SA Advance Directive Review Expert Advisory Group, the Health End of Life Decision-Making Project Working Group and the SA Health Resuscitation Planning Advisory Group.

He was also Chairman of the Adelaide PHN Central Adelaide Clinical Council and the GP Palliative Shared Care Program Operations Consultative Committee.

Nationally, in 2012, Dr. Moy was appointed to the independent Patient Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) Advisory Committee, followed by an appointment to the National E-Health Clinical Usability Program Steering Group. Transition Authority (NEHTA) and subsequently to the My Health Account Operations Management Committee.

Dr. Moy has also served on the AMA (SA) Council and Board of Directors, serving as AMA SA State Chairman and has been a member of the AMA Federal Council since 2016.


A/Prof Capolingua is currently Chair of the AMA Board and served as AMA President from 2007 to 2009. She served as AMA Western Australian State President for two years and is also chair of the AMA’s federal ethics and medico-legal committee and of the AMA publishing company. .

Acting Professor Rosanna Capolingua is a graduate of the University of Western Australia and is the principal owner of Floreat Medical, a large general practice in Floreat, a suburb of Perth.

She is President of Child and Adolescent Health Service WA, Board Member of St John of God Healthcare and Chair of its Patient Experience and Clinical Excellence Committee.

Assistant Professor Capolingua is a member of the board of directors of Catholic Homes Inc and chairs its clinical governance committee. She is also Medical Director of the AMA Foundation (WA) for Youth, having played a key role in the Foundation since its inception over twenty years ago, including overseeing the successful Dr YES (Youth Education Sessions) program of the Foundation.

Adjunct Professor Capolingua previously served as a member of the Western Australia Medical Council, Professional Services Review Committee and a Trustee on the Board of MercyCare.

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