“The Aviation Development Ecosystem” celebrates more than 5000 copies sold in one year

“I’m already reading mine for the second time. And would you like to look at all these bookmarks? I haven’t found a single book so useful for a long time.” D. Hopkins – CTO, Horizon Aeromarine

“I read and used the AVIATION DEVELOPMENT ECOSYSTEM book so much that I bounced it. I had it SPIRAL bound for easier reading while working at my desk!” D. Kim – NSE Technology

Vance Hilderman’s ability to illustrate the life cycle of developing, testing, verifying, validating, and ultimately achieving certification on safety-critical airborne software and hardware systems is evident in his work.

Today, the best aeronautical and aerospace engineers in the world are developing the future. Safety is essential as the sky welcomes eVTOL, “civilians” in space, hydro-aero, etc.

Judging by content reviews and readership (you can’t judge a book by its cover), the world’s systems engineers and developers are learning and living DO-178, DO-254 and the aviation ecosystem !

—Vance Hilderman

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — #1 Best Selling Book in Aviation
The Aviation Development Ecosystem book sells 5,000 copies for its first anniversary!

Until this book, aeronautical developers searched thousands of scattered aeronautical standards for information relevant to the development of aircraft, systems, software and hardware. Like designing a skyscraper by looking for parts in a hardware store; the results were chaotic and disconnected at best.

Today, aeronautical systems are increasingly integrated, complex and interdependent. A new ecosystem approach is needed for successful aviation development. In his latest book Aviation Development Ecosystem, Vance Hilderman, one of the world’s leading authorities on aviation development and certification, clearly describes and explains in detail the true “ecosystem” of safety, systems, aviation hardware and software and “How” to apply the related standards and guidelines TOGETHER, including the following for aircraft, ground systems, eVTOL, rotorcraft, civil aviation and military aircraft:

DO-178C for airborne software | ARP4754A for Aircraft and Systems Development | ARP4761 for Security and Ratings | DO-254 for airborne equipment | DO-278A for terrestrial and satellite systems | DO-330 for Qualification of Software Tools | DO-200B for aeronautical data | DO-326A for cybersecurity | Quality assurance and certification | Aviation Plans, Standards and Checklists | Reduce Engineering Certification Costs and Risks | Best practices and how to succeed in aviation development and certification.

The author, Mr. Vance Hilderman, is the principal founder/technical director of three of the world’s leading aviation development/certification companies, including TekSci, HighRely, and AFuzion. Hilderman has trained over 30,000 engineers in 700 airlines and 30 countries on the above topics. His intellectual property is used by 70% of the world’s top 300 aviation and systems developers, and he has employed and personally chaired more than 500 of the world’s top aeronautical engineers on more than 300 projects over the past thirty- last five years. This book is the cornerstone of his career and easily provides the practical knowledge gained from tens of thousands of hours of designing and certifying the aviation systems relied on today for civil aircraft, military aircraft, UAVs, eVTOLs, satellites, ground systems and UAS.

“I wanted to bring the aviation development ecosystem book to life for the engineers of today and the engineers of our future. Tomorrow comes faster every day; our aviation and systems developers REALLY need to be , REALLY…ready for it.”

Colleen Clayton
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