Telangana Doctors – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

HYDERABAD: Opposing the state government’s ‘unilateral’ decision to ban government doctors from practicing privately, all doctors’ and physicians’ associations said on Sunday that the move will hamper the quality of health services provided to the poor in the near future.

Healthcare Reforms Doctors Association (HRDA) organized a panel discussion with members of medical associations including Telangana Government Doctors Association (TGDA), Telangana Junior Doctors Association (T-JUDA), Indian Medical Association (IMA) and the Telangana Senior Residential Doctors Association (T-SRDA).
Speaking on the occasion, HRDA Chairman Dr Mahesh Kuma said: “On the recommendation of a government appointed committee, the ban on private practice was lifted in 2002 to make specialist doctors available in rural areas. The ban was lifted to prevent competent doctors from joining company hospitals.

“We are against the decision to prohibit private practice without paying compensation for non-practice. The government should provide at least 50% non-exercise allowance along with salaries on par with NIMS and central institutions like AIIMS,” said Dr. Vanya Jasmine, Secretary General of TJUDA. The members also decided to announce their next action plan if their demands are not taken into account by the government.

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