South Plains Electric Co-op provides bill advice


One of the region’s power co-ops sent out its first set of bills covering the period of the historic February cold and deadly winter storm.

South Plains Electric Co-op (SPEC) has customers in two separate power grids, the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) and ERCOT. SPEC customers on the ERCOT portion of the network have faced continual power outages for many days, in addition to seven consecutive days of subzero temperatures.

Regarding the dollar amount of invoices sent to SPEC clients, SPEC officials said, “We are all happy that the record cold temperatures of February are behind us. The first cycle of bills reflecting the joint explosion is being sent to members today. . Our base rates haven’t gone up, but your usage probably has.

“There were eight below freezing days in February and seven of them were consecutive below freezing days, not counting the wind chill factors. Even if you didn’t turn on your furnace anymore. higher than normal, he was working even harder to keep your house warm. “

SPEC officials also noted that with many adults working from home and children staying home after school, it would also result in a higher electricity bill due to the use of more kilowatt hours.

If you are a SPEC customer and have questions or concerns regarding your invoice, you can call (806) 775-7766.

Other regional power cooperatives and other service providers, such as Lubbock Power & Light and Xcel Energy, are expected to send their next bills in the coming weeks.

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