SITA takes decisive action to reduce carbon emissions and become a Carbonneutral® certified company


The achievement is one year ahead of the initial objective of the organization

GENEVA, September 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Today, SITA, the world’s leading IT provider for the airline industry, announced that it has achieved CarbonNeutral® corporate certification. This major step, carried out a year before SITA’s initial objective of 2022, is the result of decisive actions aimed at significantly reducing emissions linked to its commercial activities in 2020.

SITA reduced its overall greenhouse gas emissions by 48% between 2019 and 2020. The UN-recognized Planet + carbon neutrality program has been key to reducing the company’s emissions with initiatives designed to create places sustainable and energy-efficient working hours and reduce internal business travel.

SITA also offsets 100% of all carbon emissions it has not been able to reduce or eliminate by funding projects that help reduce and cancel existing and future carbon emissions while supporting several of the Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. United. These compensation projects include support for reforestation and the protection of biodiversity.

SITA’s journey to achieving carbon neutrality and formal accreditation has involved working with several independent expert environmental organizations. To develop a credible carbon neutral program, the organization has followed the rigorous framework of the CarbonNeutral Protocol, which is managed by Natural Capital Partners, the leading experts in carbon neutrality and climate finance. In collaboration with independent emissions assessor RSK Group, a comprehensive review of emissions from operations and business travel was undertaken to calculate SITA’s carbon footprint. In 2020, this was expanded to include many more indirect emissions generated by activities such as working from home, which was commonplace for SITA employees during the pandemic. The reduction in SITA’s carbon footprint reflects its actions since 2018 to reduce, eliminate and offset its emissions to obtain certification.

After achieving the organization’s carbon neutrality, the company is firmly committed to further reducing its emissions and meeting its ambitious reduction targets for the years to come. At the same time, SITA is committed to developing new technologies to help its customers and the entire aeronautics industry to reduce its carbon footprint. This work is mainly focused on streamlining flight operations and reducing fuel consumption, with a clear and measurable reduction in carbon emissions.

The recent acquisition of Safety Line by the company was designed to strengthen the organization’s portfolio to improve operational efficiency in fuel consumption and limit CO emissions from aircraft.2 emissions at key stages of flight.

Barbara dalibard, CEO of SITA, said: “We are delighted to have achieved our goal of carbon neutrality as part of our sustainability journey. I would like to thank our employees who played an essential role in reaching this ambitious milestone, one year before our initial deadline. As a trusted partner of the airline industry, we are firmly committed to helping aviation reduce its emissions and meet its carbon reduction targets. “


SITA’s carbon neutrality is summarized in this short video.

The latest SITA CSR report is available here.

About SITA

SITA is the IT provider to the airline industry, providing solutions for airlines, airports, airplanes and governments. Our technology enables smoother, safer and more sustainable air travel.

With approximately 2,500 customers, SITA’s solutions improve operational efficiency at more than 1,000 airports while delivering the connected aircraft promise to customers of 18,000 aircraft around the world. SITA also provides technology solutions that help more than 70 governments find the balance between secure borders and smooth travel. Our communications network connects all corners of the globe and connects 60% of the data exchange of the air transport community.

SITA is a CarbonNeutral® certified company under the CarbonNeutral Protocol – the leading global standard for carbon neutral programs. We are reducing our greenhouse gas emissions for all of our operations through our UN-recognized Planet + program, while developing solutions to help the aviation industry meet its carbon emissions reduction targets, including fuel consumption and greater operational efficiency at the airport.

SITA is 100% owned by the industry and driven by its needs. It is one of the most diverse companies internationally, providing services in more than 200 countries and territories.

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