Santos Aviation sets up an FAA repair station in Nigeria | The Guardian Nigeria News

Santos Aviation Limited is set to host the first US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved repair station locally.

The Aircraft Service Station and Interior Refurbishment Facility is designed to provide home support service and technology transfer to Nigerian professionals.

The managing director of the facility already in Lagos, Segun Adesanya, said its agents and employees hold professional and technical licenses issued by the FAA, to provide services on American-made and US-registered aircraft in Nigeria. and in the West Africa region.

Adesanya said the local aviation sector has great potential for growth, which will translate into more job opportunities for young people and local content to save the country from capital flight.

Adesanya, an aeronautical engineer with more than four decades of experience in local and international aviation, said Santos is in Nigeria to transfer ideas and knowledge gathered outside the country to transmit the industry and to train Nigerians to the point of certification.

He said, “The main reason we came to Nigeria is to transfer technology and for us to transfer technology we have to be here. When you see these expatriates (pilots and engineers), they don’t really help our economy. I bet 99.9% of them do not have a Nigerian account and you (employer) make payments to their foreign accounts.

“So we came here on purpose to transfer ideas. We are not the only ones doing this; the Indians did it, the Iranians did it and the only difference is that the Indian and Iranian governments have supported their people more than Nigeria supports theirs,” Adesanya said.

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