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Illinois doctor says the fastest way for restaurants to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic is to vaccinate and mask employees.

Restaurants statewide are still allowed to set their own rules regarding the vaccination status of employees and customers.

During a National Restaurant Association webinar Thursday, Dr Vishnu Chundi of the Chicago Medical Society said restaurant workers who are reluctant to get vaccinated should rest.

“Two hundred years of vaccines, there hasn’t been a single case of unknown side effects after two months that are significant,” Chundi said. “This vaccine continues to do the same. All this misinformation about so many deaths and stuff is because they haven’t been analyzed to see if they’re real deaths with the vaccine. “

State and local warrants requiring proof of vaccination and face coverings for dining indoors are on the rise across the country. Diners and patrons of Chicago bars are once again required to wear masks, regardless of vaccination status, when dining indoors.

Industry officials fear mask warrants and an increase in COVID-19 cases are preventing people from dining out.

Illinois Restaurant Association CEO Sam Toia said Eater he fears the Restaurant Revitalization Fund is running dry. On top of that, the industry continues to struggle to find workers. According to the National Restaurant Association, there were 12.5 million restaurant workers at the end of last year, more than 3 million below expected levels.

In an effort to help short-staffed bars and restaurants, Elk Grove Village officials are allowing 19 and 20-year-olds to serve alcohol.

In what could be good news for the industry, Chundi believes the end is not far away for the delta variant.

“Due to the vaccination and how quickly the virus spreads and burns through people and gives them partial immunity, we expect that by October and November, case rates will drop dramatically,” Chundi said.

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