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A payment note is a statement that you have not handled your payments. A note may make it more difficult to apply for a home loan, for example, because some landlords do not approve tenants with remarks. You can also be denied different types of subscriptions, for example on mobile and broadband. The note may be painful but will be removed completely after three years.

Credit check

Credit check

When you buy a service, you often approve of a credit check so that the company is allowed to produce certain information about you. Payment notes and other information are then used to assess if you are a reliable customer. Having a payment note does not mean that you will always be denied. Some things you can definitely get with a payment note, especially if your information otherwise looks good.

Overall assessment

Overall assessment

Something similar also applies when applying for a loan. Some fast loan companies from not lend to people with payment remarks at all. They reject the application directly if the credit examination shows a complaint. Other companies instead make an overall assessment which means that the application can be approved even with a payment note, if the other information is okay.
Best Bank belongs to the latter type of lender. We take into account your current financial situation and do not automatically say no just because you have a payment note.

Safe assessment

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As one of the world’s leading fast loan companies, we at Best Bank take our responsibility very seriously. That is why we lend responsibly and we always work according to so-called good credit practice. The most important thing about good credit practice is to conduct a proper and fair credit check before approving a loan. In addition, Swedish law requires that we always do credit testing.
We generate enough information about you who are looking for a Best Bank and can then make a secure assessment of your ability to pay. If this capability is not sufficient, we must reject the loan application. Remember that you who are looking for a Best Bank always get a quick answer.

Binary Lender data

Wisepick Finance data

In order to obtain information for a credit check, lenders can use different services. In Sweden, it is common to use, for example, a rental agreement, so-called Binary Lender to obtain information. Binary Lender is a service owned by large banks and in general it can be said that Binary Lender is for larger amounts, such as mortgages. There are alternatives such as Cream bank for smaller amounts and shorter loans.
Best Bank belongs to the lenders who do not use Binary Lender because we deal with smaller amounts over shorter periods. This also has another advantage, namely that you can be absolutely sure that your small quick loans will not affect your future Binary Lender at all.

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