Purchase of three refueling planes approved by the Air Force Government

Purchase of three refueling planes for the Spanish Air Force approved by the government. image: wikipedia

The purchase of three Airbus A330-200s for the Spanish Air Force at a cost of 810 million euros has been approved by the government

The Council of Ministers gave today, Tuesday September 21, the follow-up of an initiative whose financing and execution were approved last June, and approved the purchase of three multipurpose air refueling aircraft (MRTT ), for an estimated cost of 810 million euros. .

This will see the acquisition of three pre-owned Airbus A330-200s from Iberia, which will then be converted into MRTTs at the company’s facilities in the Madrid city of Getafe, and, as reported at today’s meeting ‘ hui, this purchase will allow the Air Force “to renew and strengthen its capacities for mobility and strategic projection of the Armed Forces in the accomplishment of the missions entrusted to them in the field of air refueling, strategic air transport and evacuations. large-capacity, long-distance health zones ”.

The acquisition of refueling planes has long been a top priority for the Spanish Air Force, having lost their Boeing 707s in 2016 and then again in 2020 when their Hercules planes were decommissioned, l The executive said this summer that the purchase of MRTT aircraft meant “inevitable investments in various special air force modernization programs.”

Even the Ministry of Defense had stressed the same day that “the lack of strategic airlift and air refueling is considered critical to be able to generate expeditionary area groups and respond, both to contingency plans and to operations. national expeditionaries, as well as to meet commitments made with partners or allies ”, as reported by larazon.es.


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