Port Authority: Team Efforts Lead to New Developments; air park to welcome a new tenant

WILMINGTON — The Clinton County Port Authority Board of Directors met last week and continued the recognition offered by its partner organizations by recognizing May 9-13 as “Economic Development Week.”

Executive Director Dan Evers said that when undertaken successfully, economic development is a team effort. He added, “In our community, several organizations are working together to facilitate economic development.

As evidenced by staff reports below, there are many examples of cooperation on economic development initiatives throughout the county. The Ohio Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Miami Regionals, locally funded by the Port Authority, continues outreach to the community.

Evers said, “Five existing businesses are benefiting from improved performance and have been linked to legal advice, insurance and other important support.”

The SBDC has facilitated $640,000 in loans for community businesses so far this year and has established relationships with four potential start-ups. The program has been active in Clinton County for just under two years and has helped 41 clients create 91 jobs.

Ruth Brindle reported that the Clinton County Workforce Coalition presented the survey results at a recent meeting of the Economic Network Alliance – a meeting co-hosted by the Wilmington-Clinton County Chamber of Commerce and the Commission Clinton County Regional Planning Office.

Highlighting greater community collaboration in economic development, Brindle said this group will continue outreach to collect data on barriers to the workforce throughout the summer and will be the featured lunch program. Annual Chamber in June.

“We were also recognized as a ‘friend of education’ for our work on labor issues by the Southern Ohio Educational Service Center (SOESC) at its awards night recently,” said Brindle, adding that plans for a local career exploration fair are in the works for later this year.

“Recognizing Economic Development Week allows us to speak about the work of so many organizations across the county, region and state, and to strengthen the collaboration and multiple dimensions of our local economic development network,” Evers said. .

New tenant

Board members approved the rental of space in the building to a potential tenant proposing to start a new business at the airport.

“As we see both general aviation (GA) and business jet traffic at the airport today, the launch of an organized business FBO – fixed base operator – will formalize the services that most GA and corporate operators wait when arriving at an airport,” Evers said.

This has the potential to increase the attractiveness of the airport as the operator intentionally markets services in this target aviation sector, he added.

Additional repairs and upgrades by tenants included repairing the roof of two buildings as well as continuing major renovations to Building E in preparation for this tenant.

“After signing this lease, we are working diligently to complete these renovations,” said Beth Huber, Associate Director of CACP. Ongoing projects include HVAC and lighting upgrades, as well as the installation of a specific crane system to facilitate tenant operations.

The board approved the renewal of its aviation insurance and discussed other business items and heard reports from staff, its broker and LGSTX Services, Inc. – the airport operations team – representatives.

The Clinton County Port Authority Board meets monthly on the second Thursday at 9 a.m. at Wilmington Air Park.

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