Northrop Grumman integrates Dragon’s Eye into F-16


An Air National Guard F-16 preparing for its first operational flight with an AN / ASQ-236 Dragon’s Eye pod on board. (Photo: Northrop Grumman)

Northrop Grumman’s platform independent Dragon’s Eye Pod AN / ASQ-236 makes its maiden flight on an operational F-16.

The Air National Guard first flew the Northrop Grumman Dragon’s Eye Active Electronically Scanned Array radar pod on an operational F-16.

The Air Force intends to deploy the pod operationally to both its guard and reserve F-16 fleets.

The Dragon’s Eye pod is already operational on the USAF F-15E Strike Eagle. It can be integrated on both large and hunter-sized platforms.

For example, Northrop Grumman previously integrated the AN / ASQ-236 pod on an Air Force AC-130 combat helicopter and an Air Force B-52 bomber during a proof of concept demonstration.

The AN / ASQ-236 Dragon’s Eye Radar Pod is an AESA Ku-band tactical radar surveillance pod that provides aircrews with multi-target detection, tracking and engagement capabilities in all weather conditions.

Susan Bruce, Vice President, Advanced Mission Capabilities, Northrop Grumman, commented: “The addition of the Dragon’s Eye to the F-16 Viper is a force multiplier, allowing fighters to detect, track, identify and target more quickly on theater. “

According to Shephard Defense Insight, the AN / ASQ-236 Synthetic Aperture Radar Pod can be used to aid in mapping, generate bomb damage assessments, and perform general surveillance day and night.


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