Nearly 2 million travelers for SAS in August

OSLO – In recent traffic figures released by Scandinavian carrier, SAS (SK), it was reported that the airline had nearly 2 million passengers in August alone. Traffic figures have been tracked up to 1.9 million, to be exact. This represents a 70% increase over last year‘s traffic figures for the same month.

Increase since 2021

The 1.9 million travelers the Scandinavian carrier welcomed in August alone represents an increase of around 70% in travelers compared to August last year.

Along with the 70% increase in passenger numbers, SAS (SK) reported an increase in capacity, up to 64% compared to the same period last year.

Compared to last month’s traffic figures, passenger numbers have increased by 40%, with capacity increasing by 38% compared to last month, as operations after the 15-day pilots’ strike began to resume.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SAS, Anko van der Werffcommented on the positive increase saying, “We are delighted to see operations resume in August, where we once again had nearly 2 million customers traveling with us.”

“The total number of passengers was negatively affected by the pilots’ strike as it led to lower sales during this period. We continue to execute our restructuring plan, SAS FORWARD, which will make SAS a financially stable airline, providing the service our customers expect.

SAS moves into reconstruction

According to statement from President and CEO Anko van der Werff, the pilots’ strike in July had a major negative effect on sales, and the effects of the strike caused SAS to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in court. American bankruptcies the day after the strike. .

However, as SAS (SK) is in deep reconstruction, the increase in traffic figures and passenger numbers is a good sign in the SAS FORWARD reconstruction plan, and may have a lesser positive effect in SAS’s exit process. of their Chapter 11 bankruptcy. deal.

As AviationSource previously reported, SAS recently took a major step in its rebuilding plan by requesting the rejection of 10 aircraft, as they no longer need the surplus assets for operational use.

Five of them belong to the airline’s long-haul fleet, specifically two Airbus A350s and three Airbus A330s. The other five surplus aircraft are a 737-700, an A321 and three A320neos.

Shortly after, the Scandinavian carrier secured US$700 million in debtor-in-possession financing after the bankruptcy court approved the deal SAS (SK) and Apollo Global Management (Apollo) struck in August 2022.

The approval of debtor-in-possession financing marked another big step forward in the carrier’s Chapter 11 rebuilding process.


It’s hard to tell what the actual status of the rebuilding process for SAS (SK) is, as we only hear that they are progressing. However, an increase in passenger numbers and capacity will only do the airline good.

The airline’s next step in the rebuilding process remains unknown, but according to the airline itself, things appear to be moving in the right direction.

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