Monteris Medical wins reimbursement with Cigna


Monteris Medical announced today that Cigna has published a national coverage policy supporting the use of its laser ablation therapy.

The medical coverage policy considers laser interstitial heat therapy (LITT or laser ablation) from Monteris, based in Minnetonka, Minn., To be medically necessary to treat drug-resistant epilepsy, symptomatic brain tumors and radiation necrosis. . According to a press release, the need arises when the patient is not amenable to open brain surgery.

Cigna, one of the largest payers in the United States, attributed the coverage policy following recently published position statements on the use of LITT for epilepsy and brain tumors, respectively, by the major neurological societies, according to Monteris. Additionally, LITT has been included in guidelines issued by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network and CPT Level 1 codes approved by the American Medical Association with an effective date of January 2022.

Monteris’ LITT treatment has shown in a growing body of peer-reviewed clinical evidence that it can reduce morbidity, according to the company. Other potential benefits include faster recovery time, shorter hospital and intensive care stays, and access to lesions that do not lend themselves to open surgery.

“Cigna and other national payers have gradually expanded access to care for the patients we serve. This policy announcement is the latest in a series of advancements for LITT, establishing its position in the journey of care for patients and their families with brain tumors and epilepsy, ”said Martin J. Emerson, President and CEO of Monteris Medical, in the statement.

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