Ministry of Aviation plans to support Agniveers in various services | Latest India News

The Union Ministry of Civil Aviation on Saturday announced the integration of “highly trained, disciplined and motivated” Agniveers into its various departments and giving them wings to fly as the central government announced a host of employment opportunities for Agniveers after their four-year tenure.

“Civil Aviation looks forward to integrating the highly skilled, disciplined and motivated #Agniveers into its various departments and giving them wings to fly,” the ministry tweeted.

Citing employment opportunities, the ministry said it will provide platforms for Agniveers in air traffic services and aircraft technicians.

Among other opportunities, the ministry said Agniveers can be trained in aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul. They (Agniveers) can also provide weather and air accident investigation services.

The announcement comes as violent protests against the Agnipath program, which was rolled out on June 14, continued on Saturday.

To allay protesters’ concerns, three ministries announced a series of measures for people after they exit the Agnipath program: the Ministry of Civil Aviation said it would prioritize Agniveers in air traffic management roles , logistics and maintenance; the Ministry of Shipping has stated that there will be opportunities in merchant shipping; and the Department of Education said it plans to recognize continuing education as credits in graduation courses.

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