Medicine and dentistry cannot be learned virtually, NMA supports MDCN

The Nigerian Medical Association has backed the decision of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria not to accept medical and dental degrees from Ukrainian universities obtained from 2022 onwards.

The NMA said the reported use of virtual guardianship of students on the internet was not acceptable anywhere in the world.

The MDCN had announced that medical and dental degrees issued by Ukrainian medical faculties from this year would not be honored by it until normal academic activities resume.

The council advised students who are currently studying medicine or dentistry in Ukrainian medical colleges to apply for transfer to other accredited medical or dental colleges in other countries for the completion of their programs.

In a statement from NMA President Dr. Uche Ojinmah; and the secretary general, Dr Jide Onyekwelu, the association said: “We insist that the legal provisions on the qualifications of persons who wish to be registered to practice medicine or dentistry in our country, as provided for by the law on doctors and dentists, must be strictly adhering to.

“The Nigerian Medical Association would like to commend the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria for its recent efforts to safeguard the health of Nigerians by ensuring that persons seeking to practice medicine or dentistry in Nigeria comply with its regulations. on acceptable qualifications.

“We refer to the recent advisory on graduates from certain countries where medical education has been disrupted due to war and war-induced displacement.

“The reported use of virtual guardianship over the internet is not acceptable anywhere in the world. Medicine and dentistry are both a science and an art, which require on the one hand the mastery of a very large amount of information and on the other hand practical skills.

“Both professions are learned by apprenticeship and require hands-on physical tutoring, which is extremely difficult to convey effectively over the internet.

“The Nigerian Medical Association stands with the Council and urges them to stand firm and stay the course in their bid to sanitize our professions. We will oppose any attempt by anyone to prevent the Council from carrying out its regulatory activities. »

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