Major search underway for missing Yakima child

Yakima Police and Yakima County Sheriff’s Deputies have launched an extensive search for a missing 4-year-old child. Yakima Police Chief Matthew Murray said officers were called to Sarge Hubbard Park around 7:30 p.m. Saturday by the child’s father who told authorities the child, identified as “Lucian”, had disappeared for 15 minutes. He says the family searched “frequently” before calling the police.

A major search is underway in hopes the boy will be found safe and sound

Murray says more than 20 Yakima Police Department officers are involved in the search for Lucian along with Washington State Patrol Troopers and members of Yakima County Emergency Management. Two drones are used along with Bloodhound search dogs in hopes of finding the child. Police are asking people to stay out of the area as the search continues.

Lucian was gone for 15 minutes before the father called the police

Yakima Police provide updates on Facebook

Lucian, 4, was last seen around 7:15 p.m. near the Sarge Hubbard Park playground @yakimagreenway. He wore blue shorts and a blue shirt with a shark on it.
Yakima’s Sarge Hubbard Park is located at 111 S 18th Street. Police are asking people to stay out of the area as the search continues.

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