Main space technology trends 2022: satellite improvements, arrival of reusable rockets, etc.

The technologies of the space industry are now booming and more and more advanced than ever. Thanks to the efforts of independent, state-backed space companies, people around the world now have more knowledge about things outside of Earth.

(Photo: Photo by NASA / Newsmakers)
A view of Earth appears above the lunar horizon as the Apollo 11 command module comes into view of the moon before astronatus Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin Jr. set off into the lunar module, Eagle, for become the first men to walk on the surface of the Moon. . The 30th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon mission is celebrated on July 20, 1999.

At the moment, NASA, SpaceX and other space agencies are continuously launching new missions in the last few months in 2021.

On the other hand, some of their technologies in orbit have already achieved great feats. Recently, TechTimes reported that NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope captured amazing new photos of star clusters.

Meanwhile, the 3D printed cube artifact from Singapore is confirmed as one of the artwork in the soon to be launched space art gallery.

Main space technology trends 2021

The latest report from Forbes provided some of the top trends in space technology you can expect in 2022. Here are a few:

Improved satellites

Right now, SpaceX and other giant companies are slowly creating their own constellations of satellites. To make their services more efficient, these agencies are improving their rockets to be more efficient.

Main space technology trends 2022: satellite improvements, arrival of reusable rockets, etc.

(Photo: Photo by Steve Robinson / NASA via Getty Images)
In this NASA photograph, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Soichi Noguchi greets a teammate on August 1, 2005 during an extravehicular activity he shared with astronaut Stephen K. Robinson. The Earth’s horizon, about 225 statute miles below, is visible in the corner of the frame. Astronaut Steve Robinson performed a spacewalk on August 3 to remove a few loose space fillers from the belly of the shuttle.

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Experts explained that satellites are now getting lighter and smaller. The researchers said starting a satellite business is increasingly like starting a fundraising app.

This means that running your own sat technology becomes cheaper.

Back to the moon

Besides satellites, NASA and other space agencies are returning to Earth’s natural satellite. However, most of them focus on sending autonomous landers and other exploration vehicles instead of humans.

Solve the problem of space waste

As Earth’s orbit is slowly being polluted by various rockets and dead satellites, experts have warned that they may soon build up and create more problems in Earth’s atmosphere.

For this reason, some space agencies are sharing their innovations, which could be used to clean up debris outside the planet. You can click this link to see more details.

These are just a few innovations that are currently expected to become more advanced in 2022. Meanwhile, NASA may also be setting another trend in space technology as its official blog post has confirmed that the giant space agency is now expanding its laser communication technology.

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