LanzaJet and Marquis partner to build new sustainable fuels plant

LanzaJet and Marquis partner to build new sustainable fuels plant | International Biofuels Magazine

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LanzaJet has entered into a memorandum of understanding with Marquis Sustainable Aviation Fuel (Marquis SAF) to build a 120 million gallon per year integrated sustainable fuels plant in the United States.
This will use low-carbon (CI) feedstocks to produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and renewable diesel through the LanzaJet™ Alcohol-to-Jet process.
The plant will use onsite carbon capture and sequestration and renewable energy to produce SAF, which will result in a life cycle greenhouse gas reduction of more than 70% compared to conventional jet fuel.
This first fully integrated sustainable fuels production facility will be located at the Marquis Industrial Complex in Hennepin, Illinois, just two hours southwest of Chicago, on a 2,500-acre industrial site adjacent to the Illinois River.
The facility is strategically positioned for global distribution via direct access to the Illinois River and near vital pipelines to deliver sustainable fuels to Chicago O’Hare International Airport and Chicago Midway International Airport.
“We strongly believe in the importance of acting today to enable the decarbonization of industry, and our partnership with Marquis SAF is a clear example of putting this into practice. We are able to drive reductions emissions in existing biofuel production, a prosperous future for producers and farmers, and decarbonizing the aviation sector by deploying low-carbon liquid fuels where they will be needed most in the future – and especially where they will deliver the greatest climate and air quality benefits taking into account non-CO2 impacts as well,” said Jimmy Samartzis, CEO of LanzaJet.
Marquis recently announced a plan for the Marquis Industrial Complex to be the world’s first carbon-neutral industrial complex with on-site access to carbon injection.
“The partnership we now have in place with LanzaJet enables our business to advance low-carbon solutions to address the climate crisis,” said Mark Marquis, CEO of Marquis SAF.
“LanzaJet’s ATJ technology will be fully integrated into a new end-to-end field towards a sustainable fuels plant, focused on the production of sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel. In addition, we are investing in carbon capture, corn fiber technology and use Property of the Marquis
ProCap system for the production of high-protein foods and renewable corn oil in this new state-of-the-art facility. This will allow us to lead the decarbonization of the transport sector in the years to come. »

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