KBR joint venture showcases sustainable aviation options for UK Ministry of Defense

HOUSTON, May 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — KBR (NYSE:KBR) today announced that it has embarked on a series of electric aircraft test flights for the UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) to assess the feasibility of environmentally friendly alternatives to current military aircraft, through its Affinity Capital Works Limited Joint Venture with Elbit Systems UK.

The Zero Emissions Aircraft Trial Concept was presented to the MoD through Affinity, demonstrating its commitment to providing innovative solutions to the UK Armed Forces and meeting future needs to help achieve zero emissions ambitions in line with the MoD’s green transformation.

The test flights will help the Royal Air Force (RAF) assess electric aircraft technology, determine its effectiveness as an impactful pilot training capability and explore the implications on functional areas such as aircraft operations and airfield on the ground and in the air, logistical support and infrastructure, as well as security.

The flights will use a fully certified two-seat pilot training aircraft, the Velis Electro. Flight and safety insurances have been developed over the summer of 2021, arranged and provided through Affinity, in partnership with the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

The program began with test flights in December 2021 before the aircraft joins Affinity’s existing fleet at RAF Cranwell, where up to twenty additional pilots will fly the sustainable and environmentally friendly aircraft in the coming months.

“We are extremely proud to support this initiative. The project builds on KBR’s proud history of pioneering new technologies and aligns with our vision to deliver solutions that help customers achieve their most critical goals in a safer and more sustainable way,” said Andre BarriePresident, KBR Government Solutions EMEA.

KBR has been instrumental in the UK’s military flight training program since 2016, helping to purchase almost 50 aircraft and supporting over 100 staff at three RAF bases in the UK through its Affinity joint venture with Elbit Systems UK.

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