IMA welcomes government decision to administer ‘precautionary dose’ of COVID-19 to healthcare workers and frontline workers


By Shalini Bhardwaj The Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Saturday welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to administer the “precautionary dose” of COVID-19 to healthcare and frontline workers from January 10 of l ‘next year.

Calling it a “good step,” the IMA in an official statement said a “third wave due to the worrying new COVID-19 variant omicron is upon us and we must protect our frontline health workers throughout. the case ways. ” Appreciating the government’s efforts to create the adequate infrastructure for a possible third wave, IMA said, “Building immunity is a good thing, and an adequate workforce is also created to increase the workforce. to deal with the third wave. “

Welcoming the “eagerly awaited” decision to vaccinate children aged 15-18 from January 3 next year, the IMA said that as schools reopen, it would be a welcome step for provide additional safety for children. “The process of immunizing children needs to be treated with much more care and constant monitoring and surveillance needs to be ensured. As we live in a well-connected activism in mass media and social media, a small complication can be overstated. The government should cooperate adequately. family physicians and pediatricians effectively, ”said the IMA.

“The extra dose policy with a mixed match policy, if passed the government should ensure the availability of Covaxin at a higher level, as the majority of people took Covishield in the first two doses,” he said. -he adds. The IMA has also ensured its continued involvement with all of our infrastructure and workforce “to make sure the immunization reaches the last man in this country.” (ANI)

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