IMA Maharashtra calls on young doctors to join the association

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) in Maharashtra has contacted the young doctors to ask them to join the largest represented organization of doctors in the modern medical system in India, which looks after the interest of doctors as well as the well-being of the community as a whole. .

“We encourage young doctors to join the Indian Medical Association,” said Dr. Suhas Pingle, President of IMA, Maharashtra.

Junior doctors must have frequent healthy breaks and a good exercise routine in addition to being updated with the latest developments from other medical branches, this was felt at the recently concluded EVECON 22. Indian Medical Association in Pune. The conference also focused on women’s health issues and psychosexual well-being.

“Junior doctors are very busy and due to their hectic schedules, they cannot really devote time to their health and other activities,” Dr. Meenakshi Deshpande, President IMA Pune told The Indian Express . “We want to raise awareness among doctors about non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and health issues, because this burden is already increasing,” she added. The IMA also looks after the interests of its members through various social programs, she said.

To enhance its skills, IMA Pune has also recently completed its online Certificate Course in Evidence-Based Diabetes Management. Over 170 delegate doctors joined from all over Maharashtra and India. Three had come from abroad for the conference whose organizer was Dr. Aarti Shahade.

Several other activities are undertaken to increase the general knowledge of the community regarding various diseases and CPR, the IMA said. “The need of the hour in the medical fraternity is also unity among physicians,” Dr. Deshpande said, adding that as the sixth female president, she would also like to encourage more IMA female physicians to actively participate in all activities and organize many such programs. to women’s health.

Meanwhile, EVECON 22 held on August 27-28 also noted that joint efforts are needed to solve day-to-day problems in hospitals and nursing homes.

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