Hodgson addresses Bristol County Jail suicide and ignores Healey

Republican Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson appeared on WBSM south coast tonight Wednesday to try to set the record straight on the suicide of a high-profile inmate at Ash Street Jail in New Bedford, as well as to discuss his re-election campaign and answer calls from the public.

Hodgson vehemently defended the way his staff cared for the now deceased Adam Howe, 34, who died by apparent suicide in the custody of the sheriff after Howe was charged with killing his mother and setting fire to his body outside their home in Truro.

According to Hodgson, his staff went “beyond” the suicide prevention protocols that were required given that the Cape Cod hospital had medically cleared Howe into custody. The sheriff accused the hospital of misdiagnosing Howe and thereby misleading its staff about the extent to which Howe should be monitored.

Throughout his two-hour appearance Wednesday, Hodgson spent most of the time answering calls from supporters and critics in the audience.

“Sheriff Hodgson, thank you for your service; I will probably vote for you on November 8th,” one caller said.

“Although I think you are a great politician, you just run a prison that is out of control,” said another caller.

One of the issues raised by an appellant was Bristol County’s high rate of recidivism, that is, the convict recidivism rate. Hodgson’s Democratic opponent, Attleboro Mayor Paul Héroux, quoted a report by the Massachusetts Department of Correction which shows that Bristol County has the highest recidivism rate in the Commonwealth.

Heroux said this report demonstrates that Hodgson is not doing enough to focus on rehabilitation and ensuring inmates can effectively reintegrate into society, which has a negative effect on public safety as it makes them more likely to re-offend. .

Hodgson dismissed the results of the DOC report, saying it does not show the rate of recidivism and return to prison for inmates at its correctional facilities, but only shows the recidivism rate for people who have a address in Bristol. County, and that the subjects of the report who lived in Bristol County could also have been incarcerated in state prison and federal prison or other county jails.

“That’s what happens when people try to grab things and use them to their advantage without really understanding what’s going on,” Hodgson said.

Hodgson argues that there is no methodology available to accurately determine the county jail inmate recidivism rate, and that the Commonwealth and Sheriff’s Departments are working on a uniform formula and definition of recidivism to get a picture. clearer.

The longtime Republican incumbent also shrugged off news that Heroux had been endorsed by Democratic Attorney General and longtime political opponent Maura Healey and her widely expected running mate, Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll, as the next governor and lieutenant governor. from Massachusetts.

When asked whether or not he was worried about Healey’s disease more than 30 points ahead in the polls on Republican gubernatorial challenger Geoff Deihl would help Democrats in narrow-ballot races like Héroux, Hodgson said he was confident Bristol County voters would split their ticket.

“I’ve always trusted the people of this county to make decisions about what they think is best for them,” Hodgson said.

“He has Maura Healey’s endorsement, God bless her.” Hodgson added. “I wasn’t looking for Maura Healey’s support, believe me.”

Hodgson then pivoted to the endorsements he received from law enforcement unions such as Taunton Police, Customs and Border Patrol as well as Democrat Francis Bellotti, former Massachusetts attorney general.

Hodgson also brushed off an internal Heroux campaign poll recently reported in Politico’s Massachusetts Playbook this shows the Sheriff’s run in a statistical tie with Hodgson leading Héroux 47-45 percent and a margin of error of 4.9 percent.

“I would tell you that our internal polls are very different from those of my opponents.” said Hodgson.

Listen to Chris McCarthy and Marcus Ferro’s full interview with Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson on SouthCoast Tonight.

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