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It is my great pleasure to nominate Dr Kenneth Rosenzweig as the Lung Cancer Hero for 2021. I have known about the important contributions of Dr Rosenzweig in the field of lung cancer for many years in my role as CEO of the International Association for the study of Lung Cancer, and I have appreciated even more his accomplishments as a colleague at Mount Sinai over the past three years.

Dr. Rosenzweig’s curriculum vitae speaks for itself. He graduated with honors from Brown University. He then attended the Yale School of Medicine, where he was a member of the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Honor medical society. He trained in radiation oncology at Harvard Medical School, then began his career at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC).

At MSKCC and later at Mount Sinai, Dr. Rosenzweig has done extraordinary research in the field of lung cancer and mesothelioma. He has published over 150 scientific manuscripts and is the author of numerous book chapters and guidelines. I would classify his contributions in the field into four distinct categories: research, education, patient care, and community service.

Research: Dr. Rosenzweig’s work set the standard of care for radiotherapy technique in locally advanced lung cancer and mesothelioma. Its Phase 1 protocol funded by the National Institutes of Health was the first to demonstrate the method for safely increasing the dose in patients with stage 3 lung cancer and how to account for tumor movement and integrate metabolic imaging such as positron emission tomography into the treatment paradigm. His technique is the model of how every patient in the world is currently treated with radiation therapy. His work established safety guidelines for the treatment of early stage lung cancer with stereotaxic body radiation therapy. He was also a pioneer in the use of intensity-modulated radiation therapy for mesothelioma. This project and its work on lung cancer both resulted in landmark publications in the Journal of Clinical Oncology and formed the basis for several cooperative group trials, including NRG-LU006.

Education: Dr Rosenzweig is also committed to teaching other doctors how to treat lung cancer. His mentees lead programs in the fight against lung cancer and mesothelioma at institutions across the United States including MSKCC, MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas, the University of Washington, the University of from Florida and elsewhere. As vice-president of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education for Radiation Oncology and chair of the American Board of Radiology committee, he has helped develop the standards that every practicing radiation oncologist should know in the field. treatment for lung cancer to ensure that all patients receive the highest quality care, regardless of where they receive their treatment. He has also chaired numerous guidelines committees, which codify the standard of care in the treatment of lung cancer. For over a decade, Dr Rosenzweig has volunteered at Chartrounds, giving community physicians the opportunity to present difficult cases to him and receive advice on how to care for their patients.

Patient care: Throughout his years as a researcher, educator and administrator, Dr. Rosenzweig has also maintained an active clinical practice dedicated to people with lung cancer and mesothelioma. He received the Cullman Family Award for Excellence in Physician Communication, which is awarded to the top 1% of physicians. He is regularly on New York magazine’s list of top doctors. As chair of the Radiation Oncology Department, he established a culture of the highest quality patient care, with innovative systems to reduce treatment errors and improve the patient experience. Its department is generally at the top of patient satisfaction surveys and frequently welcomes visitors from other institutions seeking to improve their processes. More recently, his department has established schools for radiation therapists and radiation therapy dosimetrists, ensuring that every aspect of patient care is the best it can be.

Public Service: Dr Rosenzweig has participated in numerous patient education seminars to inform patients about new treatments for lung cancer. He is a regular monthly volunteer panelist on the CancerCare Discussions, which draw hundreds of participants living with or helping family members with lung cancer. As previously mentioned, he gives back to the oncology community through his many leadership roles on national committees, including a term as president of the American Radium Society, the country’s oldest organization dedicated to the study of cancer. Cancer.

I would mention in his life outside the hospital, Dr Rosenzweig is no less inspiring. He was recently re-elected for his third term as a city councilor in his hometown of Englewood, New Jersey, and has been involved in numerous community organizations for over 20 years. He also recently received the 2021 Community Service Award from the Rotary Club of Englewood. He also sits on several Brown University alumni committees, including some leadership roles. It is amazing that Dr Rosenzweig could dedicate long days to his duties as physician, researcher, educator and president, then come home and spend a few more hours working to improve his community. And he also finds time to run the New York Marathon every year.

In conclusion, Dr Rosenzweig’s commitment to helping patients with lung cancer and mesothelioma is truly heroic, and I think no one deserves this award more.

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