Health Care Organizations Urge Residents to Get COVID Vaccines


More than two dozen Saskatchewan healthcare organizations have launched a campaign to encourage people to get vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as a vaccine is available to them.

The Saskatchewan Medical Association, the Saskatchewan College of Family Physicians, and other doctors and health care-related groups have united in the online campaign, which launched on Monday.

The campaign URL – – expresses the theme “Hope is Within Reach” through vaccine delivery. The campaign addresses issues related to vaccine reluctance.

The message read, “We assure you it’s safe. Common side effects are uncontrollable dizziness and tears of joy. “

“No matter how exhausted we all are, whether you are young and healthy – COVID does. Not. Care. The only way to stop it is to roll up your sleeve and get the vaccine. “

“We encourage the public to get vaccinated to protect themselves, their loved ones and everyone in Saskatchewan,” said Dr. Myles Deutscher, President of Sask. College of Family Physicians. “We assure everyone that these vaccines are safe. If you have any concerns about vaccines, talk to your primary health care provider. “

SMA President Dr Barb Konstantynowicz added that the campaign is timely as vaccines become more widely available to young people as worrying variants spread across the province.

“We are in the middle of the third wave with VOCs spreading like wildfire,” she said. “When it’s your turn, get vaccinated and follow public health guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19.”

These guidelines include wearing a mask, washing hands, maintaining physical distance, and limiting contact. The government also last week urged people to avoid unnecessary travel and limit domestic gatherings indoors to immediate family members. Those who live at the same time are entitled to a cohesive household of less than five people.

“We’re so close, Saskatchewan, if we do this together, we’ll get there,” the campaign message read.

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