Hanwha deepens collaboration with Israeli companies


by Marc Selinger

Nexteam and Ventana are both based in the southwest of France. (Getty Images)

French aircraft equipment manufacturers Nexteam Group and Ventana Group have agreed to join forces, creating a combined company of 2,400 employees, according to a joint announcement.

The merged entity will have 22 production sites and a presence in seven countries in addition to France: Austria, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden and Tunisia. It will serve business, commercial and military aircraft; civilian and military helicopters; satellites; space launchers and “major defense programs,” reads the October 6 announcement.

Nexteam and Ventana are respectively based in the towns of Marmande and Narcastet, both located in the southwest of France. Nexteam was born in 2015 from the merger of several family businesses. Ventana was established in 2003, and has made acquisitions to help it grow.

Nexteam investors include French private equity firm Ace Capital Partners, while owners of Ventana include Austrian private equity firm Montana Holding. The merger announcement does not indicate who will own the merged entity or when the transaction is expected to close.

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