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A winter garden, who doesn’t dream of fulfilling this oasis of sun and warmth at home? Because with a winter garden you can enjoy the “outside” almost all year round, have natural daylight, in short, especially in the cool and cold months, the winter garden captures a lot of light, sun and warmth for you.
The advantages of having your own winter garden in a nutshell:

  • Increase in property value
  • You gain additional space in the house
  • You enjoy the feeling of being outside all year round
  • You can catch the sun and warmth in early spring and until late autumn
  • wonderful opportunity to create a “green oasis”
  • more quality of life and zest for life

And with all the undisputed, great arguments for a winter garden, the question remains why then no more of them can be seen on the houses and homes. In addition to the structural, static and, if applicable, licensing issues that need to be clarified in advance of a purchase, a winter garden is first of all one thing:

The acquisition costs for a winter garden including installation are quickly over $ 15,000. If it is a large conservatory, you choose more noble materials or the conservatory structure is a bit complicated, for example because it is to be installed on a roof terrace, the costs are quickly at 30,000 $ and more.

Avoid the winter garden because of the costs?

Avoid the winter garden because of the costs?

Well, if you are not “blessed” with the burden of not knowing what you should spend all your money on, then like the masses, you will first take the calculator at hand and calculate the purchase, especially if You are considering financing the conservatory with a loan.
And now, at the latest, there are also critical questions about the winter garden:

“Do we really need him?”

Certainly not, you have lived quite well without it.

“Does this investment pay off?”

So, the purchase of a winter garden already increases the value of your property. But of course, if you don’t sell them, that’s only theoretically important.

“Can we even afford the winter garden?”

This has to be calculated. If you cannot or do not want to use your savings to make the purchase, there is of course the option of financing with a title loans.

“Isn’t such a winter garden a childish idea?”

Well, you are reading this article, dealing with the purchase of a winter garden. So you’ve probably already sat in a winter garden, enjoyed all the advantages, felt light, air, space and warmth in the house. A little vacation at home, every day! And if the thought of soon sitting in your own winter garden brings a smile to your face: Then that’s a great idea!

“Does a winter garden make our lives more beautiful and pleasant?”

What do I have to consider before buying a winter garden?

What do I have to consider before buying a winter garden?

First of all, you should of course find out whether you can and may even add a winter garden to your hasu. In any case, you should clarify with a civil engineer or structural engineer whether a conservatory can be realized on the house or whether there is a structural argument against it or whether it needs to be adjusted.
And you should also ask your responsible municipality, the responsible building authority. There are areas of construction and regulations that prohibit or clearly stipulate such additions to real estate.
It is important to obtain all necessary documents and permits in advance in order to avoid an expensive wrong purchase. A good conservatory provider or the executing company will certainly also support you here. And if you finance your conservatory with a loan: Compare the loan terms!

How can I finance the winter garden?

How can I finance the winter garden?

You can finance your new winter garden at all banks, savings banks and building societies, for example with a modernization loan. Alternatively, you can also finance the purchase with a “normal” installment loan. An offer for financing will certainly also be made by the company with which you are commissioning the winter garden.
But as with all financial transactions: compare! Get several offers, use the Internet for an overview of the current conditions of different banks.

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