Electricity, banking and aviation topped the ranking of consumer complaints in 2021 – FCCPC | The Guardian Nigeria News

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) said electricity was once again at the top of its ranking of consumer complaints in 2021, just like in 2020.

Commission Chief Executive Officer Babatunde Irukera told Nigeria’s News Agency (NAN) in Abuja on Sunday that complaints related to the banking sector came second in the rankings.

Irukera explained that aviation and telecommunications complaints are tracking the table.

He said the commission had received and completed the processes of as many as 32,000 consumer-related complaints in 2021, adding that 80% of the complaints had been resolved.

“For the sectors that have received the most complaints, we have electricity, banking and then aviation now compete with telecommunications in third place.

“The biggest problem with airlines is not even the technical issues but their lack of transparency, responsiveness and the ability to reimburse passengers when it becomes absolutely clear that flying at that point is no longer necessary for them.

“We are continuing this battle and then resolving many complaints,” he said.

Regarding the challenges facing the commission, Irukera said some companies have yet to realize that the regulatory space has changed and that they have a responsibility.

“Others include consumers who are sometimes very complacent and do not want to enforce their rights or those who criticize the commission even when their rights are enforced.

“The nature of our challenges changes as we move forward.

“COVID presented an incredible challenge. It changed our lives, changed the way we work, but it hasn’t changed the way we consume.

“People don’t go out a lot to buy things, even food, people now order them to come to their homes. What it does is it increases the level of complaints because people don’t have access to them.

“So there are more complaints, but the complaint handling infrastructure is still the same.

“The new normal that we find ourselves in is one of the main challenges,” he said.

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