Compare the Siena Medical Association to the importance of science

A unified and united scientific community towards the exchange of data on research and experiences in the fight against the epidemic in cooperation with institutions. This was synthesized by the conference organized by the Union of Surgeons and Dentists of Siena, committed in the first place to bringing together eminent national and international personalities to share the knowledge available on Covid 19. In the aula Magna of the ‘University of Siena on Doctors discussed the news of “Covid and Long Covid: the importance of Science and the role of the organization.

Roberto Monaco, President of the Union of Physicians and Dentists of Siena, said: “Today’s meeting highlighted how all physicians can make their lives available, without conditions or reservations, even at the risk of lose, to guarantee the right to health of our fellow citizens. (Omceo Siena) Secretary of the National Confederation of Unions of Doctors and Dentists (FNOMCeO) – We have confirmed that vaccines are our main weapon and that other drugs will be possible thanks to science. For a doctor, science is the guide and the code of ethics is the beacon.

After greetings from the rector Francesco Fratti and the Tuscan health adviser Simon Pizzini, spoke Silvio Brusaferro, president of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.

“Thank you to everyone and to Roberto Monaco, President of the Order of Siena and National Secretary of FNOMCeO, for the work you are doing and for this important opportunity for discussion.” According to Brusaferro, communication and prevention will be some of the pillars on which we will have to build the future health system, without losing sight of the collateral damage of the long virus: mental health. The impact on the mental health of the world’s population will be a priority in the years to come. Even according to forecasts, the main problem will be in 2030. ”After him, Rino Rapoli, the scientific coordinator of the MAD Laboratory of Life Sciences in Tuscany, intervened.

“In an emergency such as a pandemic, the most important thing is to send consistent messages. It is important that the public sector and institutions are cohesive and deliver the same message and are able to educate both participants, the medical community and the population to understand the importance of immunization. Roberto Monaco was very good at organizing this moment and bringing everyone together.

Invest in education, health and science. This is the formula of Filippo Agnelli, president of FNOMCeO. “Our profession is a critical point of reference,” but “the low investment in health has led us into a difficult situation which, along with the pandemic, has caused inconsistency in a system that sees fewer doctors than it should. ‘to be”.

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