Cartel leader Christy Kinahan tried to buy a fleet of Egyptian military planes, file leaks show

According to the leaked documents, a Dubai company linked to Kinahan attempted to purchase up to nine used de Havilland Canada DHC-5 Buffalos from the Egyptian Air Force in 2020.

In July, the Sunday World exclusively revealed how the Kinahan mob was transporting cocaine across Africa in air ambulances.

We revealed how the cartel bought off officials for the use of airstrips and took control of the key transport route to Europe, making the Irish mafia the second largest after the Colombian cartels.

The Irish mafia had effectively taken control of Africa’s lucrative ‘cocaine corridor’ – one of the main drug smuggling routes into Europe.

After the drugs landed in the southern part of Africa, the Kinahan gang used “air ambulances” to ferry the cocaine across the continent to ports where it could be shipped to Europe.

Today the news organisation, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), published startling details of how Christy snr tried to secure a series of multi-million euro aviation contracts while pretending to be a legitimate broker.

According to the leaked documents, a Dubai company linked to Kinahan attempted to purchase up to nine used de Havilland Canada DHC-5 Buffalos from the Egyptian Air Force in 2020.

It is claimed that he also tried to do lucrative business in Africa and Latin America and even explored buying an Antonov An-26 turboprop from Venezuela.

Emails show Kinahan pushing for a company to be set up in Singapore so she can broker the Egyptian deal.

In late 2019, Kinahan explained in an email that he wanted the company’s website to “create a smoke and mirror illusion that we’re bigger and better than just a start-up.” so the company would be “in pole position for aircraft financing and/or leasing facilities.

It is claimed that Kinahan also attempted to set up a home and business center in Zimbabwe, but was forced to abandon his plans after being denied permanent residency.

ICIJ reveals how Kinahan attended a 2019 aviation conference in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh

The rally was organized by the World Food Program and Egypt’s former civil aviation minister, Lt. Gen. Younis el-Masri.

Shortly after the conference, the Kinahan-linked Dubai airline inquired about buying planes from the Egyptian military.

A company representative has written to the Egyptian Defense Attaché in Abu Dhabi, Brigadier Hisham Nabil Monir, about the purchase of up to nine DHC Buffalo military transport planes for up to $8 million.

According to the leaked documents, in February 2020, Monir sent the Kinahan-linked company a list of planes for sale, along with spare parts and equipment.

The following month, the attaché sent the company technical information relating to the Buffalo and gave “Egyptian Air Force approval” for a field inspection to take place at the base. Almaza Air Force, Cairo.

ICIJ writes that company representatives kept Kinahan – who used the name “CV DXB” – updated in text messages

They write: “As of December 2020, Kinahan and his associates appeared confident that a deal to purchase the nine aircraft would be reached, and they said they were transferring millions of dollars to cover the cost, records show.

“‘I will wait for the 10 million to be transferred to the company’s account’,

“Two visits to Egypt to view the planes and discuss the deal took place, the first in December 2020; the second in May 2021 when the team met with four Egyptian Air Force officers.

It is claimed that Kinahan’s team tried to obtain bank loans while negotiating the deal with the Egyptians

According to an account appearing under the header “Christopher Vincent Business Broker”, Kinahan and his associate met in January 2021 with a Dubai-based lender Ltd, to finance the purchase of the Egyptian plane.

“In the meeting, [Kinahan’s associate] said the deal “would be in the range of $20 million,” according to the minutes.

“…Kinahan agreed they could probably find 25%. But they weren’t sure about 50%, according to the minutes.

“A [Dubai lender] The rep said she was confused by the deal and would need a lot more detailed information before moving forward, according to the minutes.

“When the [Dubai lender] The rep inquired about Christopher Vincent’s connection. the architects of the agreement”.

However, the deal ultimately fell through and screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation in September 2021 show Kinahan informing his team that the deal was off.

The ICIJ writes: “He said that ‘the buffalo case is now officially closed.’

“A copy of a letter which was to be sent to the Egyptian Ministry of Defense listed a number of technical problems on the aircraft to justify the cancellation.”

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