Buyer of Jeffrey Epstein’s Gulfstream Jet regrets his purchase


A man from Georgia has filed a lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein’s estate, claiming the late sex trafficker sold him a Gulfstream jet in the weeks leading up to his 2019 arrest without revealing the plane was used in a “criminal enterprise” .

Thomas Huff claims that JEGE LLC, the company Epstein once controlled and which owns the aircraft, has been “damaged by the stigma” attached to the sex offender.

“JEGE customers, some of whom are very well known to the public, are being tracked, monitored and reported to the press for using what they believe to be Jeffrey Epstein’s company,” said the federal complaint filed in Atlanta last week.

According to the complaint, Epstein’s henchmen traveled to Peach State with the plane to show Huff, who runs a Cobb County-based charter aircraft company. The financier then sold Huff the “controlling stake in JEGE” without mentioning that he “was engaged in a massive criminal enterprise involving rape, sex trafficking, sexual abuse, physical assault, blackmail, intimidation, fraud and deception,” according to reports. court documents.

Huff “wouldn’t have bought JEGE” if he had known about a wealthy predator’s sex ring, according to the lawsuit, and attempted to stop the sale after the federal government handcuffed Epstein. “When Mr. Epstein was arrested and his crimes against children became public, Thomas Huff contacted attorney for Jeffrey E. Epstein and notified him of the cancellation of the purchase contract,” the court documents say. “This was rejected by Jeffrey E. Epstein.”

“Sir. Epstein committed fraud by failing to disclose a material fact that could not have been known through Thomas Huff’s due diligence,” the complaint alleges. It is not known whether Huff was aware of the media coverage. widespread in late 2018 and 2019 regarding Epstein’s abuse of girls and the controversial Florida plea deal.

Huff and his lawyers did not return any messages until press time. A lawyer for Richard Kahn and Darren Indyke, the co-executors of Epstein’s estate who are named as defendants in the lawsuit, could not be reached either.

The lawsuit alleges that “just before” Epstein’s arrest, the evil money man’s airline had assets worth more than $ 3.5 million. But after Epstein’s high-profile New York indictment in the summer of 2019, the company “immediately depreciated by more than” $ 1.5 million.

“In addition, JEGE was unable to obtain funding, not because of its creditworthiness, but because of the stigma of victimization by Jeffrey E. Epstein of children attached to JEGE,” the court documents allege.

Epstein “violated his fiduciary duty to JEGE” by raping and assaulting underage girls while he was a director of the company, the lawsuit says. Epstein’s “lies were a violation of the duty of candor,” the complaint adds. “He knew or should have known that his ongoing criminal enterprise would undermine the value of JEGE if and when it was discovered.”

Company records show that JEGE, LLC was registered in Georgia in March of this year. The company’s registered agent is the same law firm that represents Huff in his lawsuit against Kahn and Indyke.

According to Federal Aviation Administration records, a Boeing 727 is registered with JEGE Inc., while a Gulfstream IV jet is registered with JEGE LLC, a company that still lists the address of the Epstein complex in the Islands. American virgins. It is not clear why JEGE’s FAA records have not been updated to reflect Huff’s alleged ownership. (Epstein owned at least three jets, including a Gulfstream G550, which went on sale last summer.)

An insider database of Epstein’s flights appears to corroborate Huff’s claims that the Gulfstream was sent to Georgia for review prior to purchase. The plane was in Atlanta twice in April 2019, according to records.

On June 19, 2019, the jet traveled from Palm Beach to an undisclosed location in Georgia, and from there to Atlanta a week later. Flight logs also show that the plane traveled from Atlanta to Anguilla on July 2, 2019 and returned on July 6, 2019, the day Epstein was arrested.

Several accusers have named JEGE Inc. or JEGE LLC in their lawsuits against Epstein’s estate and the financier’s companies.

In August 2020, the New York Post reported that Epstein’s posh airliner, which tabloids dubbed the “Lolita Express,” has been put on hold at an airport in Georgia.

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