Bush’s speech, the plight of the United States, and strong school leadership



work for quality education

We, the members of the Salem-Keizer Stand for Children leadership team, would like to applaud the leadership of School Board President Osvaldo Avila. His recent guest notice, published on September 5, demonstrated courage and leadership in his commitment to work for the quality education of every student in our schools.

Because he shares a common experience with so many struggling students, his commitment to the success of each student is more meaningful. In addition, his commitment to civil discourse in the boardroom is essential.

Following:We must win in education

The community has gone through one of the most divisive years our school board has ever seen. It’s time to move forward with a high level of commitment to each student’s educational success and maintain an environment that encourages the audience to engage in a positive way.

Finally, in expressing his commitment to keeping our children safe by following the health guidelines of the Health Authority, CDC, and the American Academy of Pediatrics, he has shown the leadership needed in these difficult times. President Avila, thank you for your leadership.

Diana Marquez Guerrer, Christine Ertl, Nancy MacMorris-Adix, Salem

A philosophy that shies away from science

In an interview, Dr. Bud Pierce, oncologist and candidate for governor, made several statements that relate to me. He supports the “right” of the public to choose to hide during this health crisis.

All his patients are immunocompromised, would they be okay while waiting in his office for their appointment or for a blood test or waiting in line at the pharmacy? Do they worry at the grocery store when those around them are not wearing a mask?

It is one thing to take Republican positions; it’s another to put your patients at risk with a philosophy that eschews science and the recommendations of the American Medical Association.

Another statement he made concerned the 1,000 COVID-19 patients in intensive care units. He said it was not a crisis.

Has he worked a shift in the emergency room or intensive care for the past two years or has he spoken with his peers, who for weeks cared for these critically ill patients?

He also said that “if you look at the data correctly” we should be close to collective immunity. I would like him to address the variants that come in and cause resilient complications, new breakthrough cases, and unvaccinated children.

Pierce’s leadership appears to be cavalier about the health of Oregonians.

Faye Melius, Turner

A country at a crossroads

I am so sad right now with the state of the country. It seems that just under half of this country thinks white nationalism and an autocratic society is what we should have rather than a democracy.

If so, maybe they should move to a country where they already have it, say Hungary or Russia? We don’t need that here.

It makes me sick that everything that I believe is good for our country is being destroyed by people who are selfish for themselves. This country is at a crossroads to do good or bad, the choice is ours.

Michael Welter, Salem

The feast of evil spirits

Former Republican President George W. Bush spoke honestly in a speech honoring the heroes of Flight 93, comparing the foreign terrorists responsible for 9/11 and the danger we now face from the domestic terrorists we have. saw the actions on January 6.

Bush, like his father, represents the spirit of honorable and true republicanism. They, like Rep. Liz Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, are rational, empathetic, decent individuals who have a different ideology than Democrats, but no one cares about their sanity or their commitment to the best interests of American citizens. .

Compare them to Donald Trump, a pathological liar, a man without conscience or morals, who is the standard bearer of a majority of people who now call themselves Republicans.

Trump and many of his supporters view the insurgents as patriots. So we need a new name for these people because they are nothing like Bush or the tenets or ideals of mainstream and honorable Republicans.

Well, Bush gave us a nice new name for them. He called the 9/11 terrorists and the January 6 insurgents “filthy siblings.” Thus, the new name of the Trump wing of the Republican Party should be “The Party of the Rude Mind”.

Theodore Gaty, Salem


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