American Heart Association Sets Standards for Heart Attack Care


If someone has chest pain, it’s time to go to the best hospital for heart attack treatment. But aren’t all hospitals equipped to treat a heart attack? Yes, and getting treated right away is the most important thing, so call 911.

Some hospitals perform better than others and are able to meet these benchmarks year after year. To help distinguish hospitals that consistently meet or exceed strict levels of care, the American Heart Association (AHA) evaluates their outcomes and processes.

These include performance standards that are updated annually. The standards demand prompt and appropriate treatment with emergency procedures that restore blood flow to blocked arteries.

The American Heart Association’s Mission: Lifeline program aims to reduce barriers to prompt treatment of heart attacks, starting with calling 911, transporting emergency medical services and continuing through treatment and recovery. discharge from hospital. The initiative provides tools, training and other resources to support heart attack care, following the protocols of the most recent evidence-based treatment guidelines.

Norton Healthcare hospitals receive Mission Lifeline: Gold Plus STEMI / Chest Pain Receptive Center 2021 recognition

One type of heart attack, called ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI), completely blocks blood flow in a major artery. This makes prompt care even more critical.

To provide the fastest possible care, Norton Heart & Vascular Institute has worked with other healthcare providers, emergency medical services, airline providers and others to provide the fastest possible care and trained the first regional STEMI network in Kentucky.

A single call mobilizes the entire team, with the goal of opening a blocked artery within 90 minutes of the patient seeing a doctor.

The AHA Mission: Lifeline program was developed by systems improvement experts from across the United States and aims to help hospitals, EMS agencies and their communities form and improve collaborative, efficient systems of care. and efficient.

Mission: Lifeline awards are divided into three categories: Bronze, Silver and Gold with the ability for hospitals to earn a “plus” designation for each measurement if they exceed the AHA criteria for two or more consecutive years. The AHA also recognizes hospitals that are willing to accept patients from hospitals that are not equipped to provide certain levels of heart attack care.

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