AMA Statement on Medicare Claims

These claims are an unwarranted insult to the medical profession, with the vast majority of doctors doing the right thing for their patients and by Medicare rules.

Our health care system is built around universal access to Medicare-funded health care, and the AMA supports effective Medicare management of this funding.

The AMA has worked with the government to ensure Medicare requirements are clearer for doctors and has supported initiatives to ensure the Department of Health has effective tools to monitor and detect fraud.

The AMA meets regularly with the Department of Health, which has sophisticated analytical tools, and understands that there is no evidence of the widespread fraud suggested in today’s media.

The Department of Health has plenty of data, and the AMA believes this should guide Medicare compliance activities, as opposed to anecdotal evidence from a small number of individuals.

Where evidence of fraud is found, WADA fully supports efforts to eliminate it, including referral to professional services review if necessary.

WADA President Professor Steve Robson said:

Australian doctors have worked incredibly hard through COVID – treating Aussies during lockdown, rolling out the country’s vaccination efforts, putting themselves at risk every day to treat COVID patients on the front line – so today’s coverage is as appalling as it is inaccurate.

“Physicians will be sickened by today’s news reports which are an undeserved attack on the entire profession based largely on anecdotes and individual cases.

“The vast majority of physicians do the right thing and work hard for their patients under enormous pressure within the system.

“The AMA is working closely with the Department of Health on compliance and we have never seen any concerns or figures that would support the figures reported today.

“We do not condone fraud and instances of fraud must be combated and eradicated – but the figures reported today are grossly inflated.”

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