AirFleet Capital, dedicated to making your aviation adventure efficient and easier.


AirFleet Capital offers aircraft loans to speed up your aircraft buying process. They know exactly what they are doing, having funded over 8,000 planes.

AirFleet Capital is a leading aircraft finance company because of its competitive rates, exceptional service and proven customer satisfaction. Their efforts paid off when they became one of the largest and most important initiators of aviation financing in the United States.

Their employees are well known for their dedication to making their customers’ experiences more enjoyable. With more than 8,000 aircraft financed, they have acquired experience and knowledge, which allows them to ensure exceptional coordination of the entire process of purchasing and financing aircraft.

AirFleet Capital works with the FAA, insurance companies, title and escrow companies, and sales organizations. Working with them ensures a smooth transition of ownership and accurate FAA records.

AirFleet Capital aims to help aircraft manufacturers and sales organizations by working with leaders to meet the changing needs of buyers. They have a long history of providing privileged financial support, developing special ownership programs, and managing captive finance programs.

They pride themselves on being constantly active in the industry as a company. They maintain this presence by attending monthly trade shows, speaking to homeowner groups, and meeting clients in person. All of this is being done to help general aviation.

Don’t worry if you want to buy from them and get aircraft loans; it doesn’t matter if this is your first time buyer if you are upgrading to a new plane, refinancing an existing loan or added improvements. AirFleet Capital wants to facilitate the process:

  • Download their application; you can find it on their website.

  • Prepare the elements necessary for the subscription of your request.

  • Send the information to their email, fax, direct mail, or secure download.

AirFleet Capital is the most reliable aircraft finance company. They offer Piston, TurboProp, Jet and Helicopter loans. Do not miss the opportunity to contact them if you are interested in their services.

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