7 Baduy are said to have died of measles in a month

TEMPO.CO, LebakNine residents of Baduy, Lebak Regency, Banten are believed to have died of measles and tuberculosis (TB) in the past month. “Seven people were suspected of having measles and two others have stopped TB drugs,” Sahabat Indonesia (SRI) non-governmental organization (NGO) coordinator Muhammad Arif Kirdiat said.

Arif made the statement while visiting the residence of the Baduy tribe who live in the remote areas of Banten on Tuesday, September 20, 2022. The SRI medical team collected the data while tracing the people who had close contact with people with measles.

The tracing was launched after six people were confirmed positive for the disease. The blood sample was taken in collaboration with the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) the previous week.

“We aim to do the tracing in nine villages over the next week,” Arif added.

To prevent the spread of measles, the SRI opened a health service post and provided doctors, midwives and nurses. The post is centered in Cijahe, a border area with the residential areas of Baduy.

The medical team distributed vitamin A, milk and biscuits to children and people suffering from malnutrition. The team also carried out health checks and preventive measures against the viral infection that causes rubella in pregnant women and examinations to discover tuberculosis.

“We hope that opening this post and finding people can prevent the spread of measles and tuberculosis cases. [among the Baduy tribe]“, concluded Arif.


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