2 out of 3 hospitals in eastern Ky. Do not meet herd vaccination levels


ASHLAND, Ky. (WSAZ) – Nearly a dozen Kentucky health systems will require all staff, volunteers and medical students to receive their coronavirus vaccine.

“There is a very, possibly higher percentage of health professionals than the general public. These numbers are higher. It varies from state to state, ”said Nancy Galvagni, president and CEO of the Kentucky Hospital Association.

Nationally, 96% of physicians are fully immunized, according to the American Medical Association.

Two of the three major hospitals in Eastern Kentucky are currently failing 2% to achieve herd vaccination. It takes 70% of the population to be vaccinated to reach this threshold.

Almost 68% of the Appalachian Regional Health Service workforce is vaccinated, while 32% are not.

King’s Daughters Medical Center is also following suit – as 68% of the workforce is vaccinated and 32% are not.

Pikeville Medical Center was unable to provide WSAZ with the total number of vaccination rates for health professionals.

A spokesperson has previously said they do not require employees to disclose their immunization status. PMC did not follow him.

The WSAZ contacted the Paul B. Hall Regional Medical Center, who said their vaccination rates for their employees were not available as the institution continues to collect data. They also did not comment on whether the coronavirus vaccination would be required.

Vaccination requirements are nothing new for healthcare professionals. The Kentucky Hospital Association has said it requires many vaccines for its members.

“We already have requirements in place for other types of diseases and viruses. The flu is a good example.

Only a small percentage of healthcare workers are currently unvaccinated. Galvagni wants people to know that hospitals are as safe as ever and that people should continue to seek treatment.

“No one should be afraid to go to a hospital that has not asked its staff for the vaccine. Hospitals are just at different times and times, and we’ll see more movement in one direction. It doesn’t mean that one hospital is safer than another, ”said Galvagni.

Healthcare systems adding this vaccine requirement for staff include: Appalachian Regional Healthcare (ARH), Baptist Health, CHI Saint Joseph Health, King’s Daughters Health System, Med Center Health, Norton Healthcare, Pikeville Medical Center, St. Claire Healthcare, St. Elizabeth Healthcare, UK Healthcare and UofL Health.

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